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A new look with new features

It happens occasionally. You begin your day by pulling up a familiar website and…boom, something has changed. You’re not sure what, but the different look gives you pause. Is this a change for the good? (Raise your hand if you love change.) Yes, it is! 

The NECA website sports a different look and some new features, all designed to help you navigate satisfactorily and successfully.

A few features to note:

  • most importantly, with some minor exceptions (see below), content remains in the same location;

  • large icons to help you quickly locate key information, along with a more prominent link to your applications; 

    Access - Large Icons
  • top menus that expand and designate secure member content (noted with a red dot);

    Access - Mega Menus 

  • left navigation that compacts related pages into an easy-to-access menu (a plus sign designates an expanded menu); and

    Access - Left Navigation

  • a quick poll to gather your input on industry and technology trends. 

    Access - Quick Poll

For optimal viewing

The new design is best viewed using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser. Internet Explorer works but some of the newer features may not display as fully as in Chrome or Edge. For applications (data collections, etc.), Chrome may work best. For mobile phones or tablets, use Chrome or Safari.

Please become familiar with all of these features and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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