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    As broadband internet access services have become a necessity of daily life, the public switched telephone network has been evolving to an IP network to support the higher speeds and capacity demanded by broadband consumers. NECA believes the industry and policy-makers need to promote and sustain this transition in a manner consistent with the core statutory objectives of protecting consumers, promoting competition and ensuring universal service, as well as review regulations in measured steps.

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  • Washington, D.C. activity

    12.28.18 - RoR BDS order effective February 26 | FR notice 
    12.26.18 - FCC establishes uniform deadlines for oppositions, replies to petition for reconsideration of wireless infrastructure order | public notice 
    12.05.18 - PRA comments due January 4 on revision to pole attachment complaint procedures | FR notice  
    11.29.18 - Comments due January 14 on RoR Business Data Services FNPRMs | FR notice | public notice
    11.20.18 - FCC releases internet access services report | report 
    11.09.18 - Eighth Circuit Court stays BDS remand decision for one year | order 
    11.06.18 - WCB announces reopening of secure data enclave for highly confidential BDS data | public notice
    10.30.18 - Comments due November 28 on expanding list of inoperable devices for voice service discontinuance | notice 
    10.25.18 - FCC releases RoR study areas deemed competitive for BDS regulation | public notice | list 
    10.24.18 - FCC adopts order on incentive regulation for RoR carrier BDS services | news release | order
    01.18.18 - New Section 214 rules are effective on January 18 | notice
    01.04.18 - FCC seeks PRA comments on pole attachment complaints | notice
    12.28.17 - FCC issues copper retirement order, seeks comments on expediting applications | R&O | FNPRM