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    ZyXEL DSL CPE and Broadband Gateways available to NECA members

    ZyXEL logo, a pioneer in IP technology, is ranked among the top five global manufacturers of xDSL CPE and broadband sharing gateways. ZyXEL offers service providers a complete range of multi-service broadband gateways and routers, connected home and entertainment devices and SMB networking solutions. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, ZyXEL customers are supported by a domestic team of reliable telco-trained engineers.

    xDSL gateways 

    Leading with the all-in-one Bonded VDLS2 gateway with Universal DSL access, ZyXEL offers a range of DSL CPE covering every copper based technology. In addition, ZyXEL CPEs have dual-WAN capability facilitating transition to fiber without having to change CPE. Service deployment is quick and cost-effective when service providers select the right DSL solution from ZyXEL for their needs.

    IPTV readiness 

    ZyXEL products support comprehensive QoS capabilities and are installed worldwide meeting tough video streaming environments.

    Home networking 

    Service providers can generate new revenue streams by offering subscribers home networking products and services.  ZyXEL offers a variety of 802.11n wireless routers and adapters and powerline and HPNA adapters that are affordable and easy to use so carriers can quickly start generating revenue.

    SMB networking 

    ZyXEL provides a complete line of enterprise class Firewalls and UTM devices, professional indoor and outdoor wireless-N Access Points and a full portfolio of managed and unmanaged Ethernet and PoE switches in a variety of port configurations. ZyXEL SMB solutions are ideal for businesses, schools, hospitals and hospitality establishments.

    See how a NECA member and ZyXEL performed a network makeover for a valued customer.

    Learn more about ZyXEL products.


  • Customer testimonials  

    “ZyXEL offers a compelling package of versatile solutions and a responsive technical support. We were delighted with the manageability of their products and how easy it was to add and expand the network. They are a great partner to have!”


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