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  • Foundations of Telecommunications

    This eight-part curriculum is targeted toward those new to the telecommunications industry, those whose jobs do not routinely expose them to all topics covered, and those simply wanting a refresher on certain topics. All sessions will be offered via webcast, with several opportunities to attend each. 

    The curriculum

    The Foundations curriculum begins with the basics and progresses to explain the regulatory process, including universal service support, and NECA functions. The eight sessions are:

    Who’s who in telecommunications – Overview of entities that play a role in the telecommunications industry

    Introduction to telecommunications technology (Parts 1 and 2) – Background on telecommunications technologies of the past and the present

    Understanding jurisdictions – Details on the jurisdictions used to classify telecommunications services, determine cost recovery and establish regulatory oversight

    Basics of telecommunications regulation – Overview of telecommunications regulations, regulatory processes and regulatory agencies

    Intercarrier compensation overview – Summary of intercarrier compensation charges, how those charges are developed and which costs they recover

    USF overview – High level information about the various federal Universal Service Fund Programs and recent changes to these program

    Introduction to NECA pooling and settlement process – overview of the process by which NECA administers the pools and distributes monthly settlements

  • Form a solid foundation of knowledge to support your telecom career 

    Upcoming classes

    This curriculum will be offered in its entirety at EXPO 2017, November 5 – 8 in San Antonio, Texas

  • Earn a certificate 

    Those who registered for all eight sessions will be sent a link to the curriculum test. Upon successfully passing this test, NECA will mail you your Certificate of Completion. If you attended all eight sessions, but did not register for one or more (i.e., someone else registered on your behalf), please contact Nancy Turnbo to request the test link.