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    FusionTV™ Over-The-Top Video 

    Entone, the market leader in Hybrid TV and Connected Home solutions, is excited to be offering its FusionTV OTT Video Solution to NECA members at a special price. With FusionTV OTT Edition, members can now deliver best-in-class entertainment to their existing broadband subscribers without the overhead, maintenance and cost of a full-scale IPTV deployment.

    Entone’s proven technology enables service operators to reliably deliver integrated IP-based video and advanced broadband services such as web-based Video-On-Demand and over 50+ OTT applications.

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    Key benefits of FusionTV OTT edition:  

    • Immediately reach your entire broadband internet subscriber base
    • Upsell existing subscribers to a premium tier of broadband internet service
    • Increase your monthly ARPU (average revenue per user) by 20 percent+
    • Instantly offer the best-in-class VOD service
    • Library of over 20,000 titles
    • The world’s largest selection of HD movies
    • The latest release available the same day as DVD release – no more waiting 28 days unlike other online video services
    • Attract and retain subscribers by giving them access to OTT services and other popular web media services and applications, such as internet radio, online photo sharing, social media and many more!






    Customer testimonials

    "Our Over-The-Top Video product has the best ROI and the best customer loyalty, of any product or service we have offered."

    Dale Merten, Chief Operating Officer  
    The Toledo Telephone Co., Inc. 
    Toledo, WA 



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