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NECA adds tariff options to increase bandwidth on some ETS rate elements

10.07.15 – NECA recently modified its interstate access tariff (Tariff F.C.C. No. 5) to add a new Bandwidth Add-On feature to Ethernet Transport Service. The ETS Bandwidth Add-On feature allows members participating in NECA’s traffic sensitive tariff greater flexibility to offer their Ethernet customers the ability to scale network capacity  in 10 Mbps increments to meet growing business needs.

The additional bandwidth may be added to the following ETS rate elements: Basic Ports, Channel Terminations, Ethernet Virtual Connections, Extended-Ethernet Virtual Connections and Interconnected-Ethernet Virtual Connections. The ETS BAO feature is available where suitable facilities exist.

The tariff provisions were filed under Tariff Transmittal No. 1465 on September 16 and became effective October 1.