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Results of NECA annual survey show member satisfaction steady

02.10.16 − The results of NECA’s 2015 annual member survey show an overall performance rating of 4.4 on a five-point scale. More than nine out of ten members rated NECA’s performance a four (satisfied) or five (very satisfied).

Overall satisfaction remains steady, with two Member Communications areas (Email communications and Keeps you informed) and Training ranking highest. Settlements and Pooling were only slightly behind.

Members took advantage of the comments section of the survey to note areas worthy of praise as well as suggestions for improvement. NECA is formulating an action plan to deal with suggestions and concerns, which members will hear more about as the year goes on.

Here is a sampling of what members had to say:

I rely on NECA and what has been done for me this past year has been very helpful.”

We are very satisfied with NECA's administration of pooling and settlements for our company. They have done a stellar job in trying times.

Please continue to improve the website to make it more user-friendly.

I am very happy with the NECA staff. They always call me back promptly and even call or email reminders to me. They are a big help with tariff questions.