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NECA assigns all company codes based on ATIS-0300251.2017, Structure for the Representation of Service Providers for Information Exchange, and the North American Company Code Assignment Procedures.

Please review the following information carefully and proceed to the request form by clicking on "Company Code Request Form" at the bottom of the screen.

Types of Service:

To complete the request form, you must indicate the type of service your company provides by selecting the correct category. We recommend that you contact your interconnecting company for help in determining the correct category. If the service provided by your company is not listed, please contact us (contact information listed below). 

IMPORTANT – Please review your company code request form before submitting it.  Please note the category and operating state can not be changed after the company code has been assigned. 

Services Category
Competitive Access Providers CAP
Ethernet Exchange ETHX
Facilities Based Competitive Local Exchange Carriers CLEC
Interexchange Carrier (Long Distance - carriers and resellers) IC
Internet Protocol Enabled Services IPES
Local Exhange Resellers (non-facilities based) LRSL
Personal Communication Service (Broadband, Narrowband) PCS
PCS Reseller PCSR
Unbundled Local Exchange Carriers (UNE/UNE-P) ULEC
Wireless Carrier (Paging, Beeper, Cellular, etc) WIRE
Wireless Reseller WRSL

Please note:

In accordance with the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) Industry Number Committee (INC), only the following Company Code categories are permissible for direct assignment of numbering resources (CO codes, thousands-blocks, 5XX-NXX, 9YY-NXX and p-ANI) from NANPA or the PA:

• Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier ILEC 
• Regional Bell Operating Company RBOC
• Competitive Local Exchange Carrier CLEC
• Personal Communications Service PCS
• Unbundled Local Exchange Carrier ULEC
• Wireless Carriers WIRE
• Internet Provider Enabled Services IPES (only permitted with an FCC waiver)

For category definitions, please see the North American Company Code Glossary.

For a new ILEC code, please download the Incumbent Company Code Request Form.

For a new International code, please download the International Company Code Request Form.

To request a New Company Code Category, please download the New Category Request Form.

Required Documentation:

The following documentation is required to obtain a Company Code:

  • Legal documents (e.g., Articles of Incorporation with state seal or stamp, State Registration, etc.) as proof of existence and to reflect the telecommunication service provider's legal name.

and for:

  • CLEC, ULEC, CAP, and LRSL service: A copy of the certification by the state public utilities commission. 

  • ICs: Documents may vary from state to state. A copy of the state public utilities commission's approval is required when the state commission regulates the interexchange carrier/reseller service. If the service is not regulated by the state commission, the required documentation may vary, please contact us (contact information listed below). 

  • ETHX service: Proof of service and customers, e.g., contractual agreements with customers and a detailed description of the service including the areas where the service will be provided. We reserve the right to request additional documentation.  
  • IPES service: Proof of service and proof of customers, e.g., interconnection agreements (or evidence of an interconnection order pursuant to an approved tariff) and contractual agreements with end-user customers or regulatory administration approval, if applicable and a detailed description of the type of service being provided including the areas where the service will be provided.  We reserve the right to request additional documentation.

  • WIRE or PCS service: A copy of the company's FCC radio/PCS license.  

  • WRSL and PCSR: A copy of the interconnection agreement with the wireless carrier.

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Pricing and Code Confirmation:

NECA assigns all Company Codes and charges a one time administrative fee per company code. NECA offers two types of processing:

Standard Processing:

  • $375 per code 
  • Codes are assigned within ten business days from the receipt of all required documentation, including payment.

Express Processing:

  • $500 per code 
  • Codes are assigned within three business days from the receipt of all required documentation, including payment.

Effective September 1, 2015 the fee per code to change the legal company name associated with a Company Code is $30.  There is no fee associated with changing contact information. Company Codes are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Company Code confirmation letters will be faxed or e-mailed within ten business days from the receipt of all required documentation for standard processing or within three business days for express processing.

Carriers operating as CLECs or ULECs in multiple states will receive one Company Code per category, per legal entity, per state, plus an overall code. There is no charge for an overall code. CAPs, ETHX, ICs, IPES, LRSL, PCS, PCSR, WIRE, and WRSL are assigned one nationwide company code.

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Methods of Payment:

All Company Code requests and changes to the legal company name of a Company Code must be paid for in advance. 

Payments can be made by:

  • Credit card:  NECA will send you an e-mail with a PayPal link for making the credit card payment after you submit your Company Code application and the application review is completed.

    Please do not send any credit card information through e-mail.

  • Check/money order made payable to "NECA"
    (please state the company name on the memo line)

Checks/money orders along with a copy of your Company Code Request Form can be sent to:

           Capital One Bank

           PO Box 2003
           Hicksville, NY 11802

Payments by ACH or Wire Transfer:

           Capital One Bank

           NECA-Administrative Acct. 
           ABA Transit: 021407912 
           Account #7057249123

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Return and Refund Policy:

Company Codes that have been assigned are not eligible for a refund.

Fees received for code requests when codes have not yet been assigned will be refunded upon request.

All refunds will be made by the same method in which the funds were received. For example, if you paid by credit card, NECA will refund the monies as a credit to the same credit card. 

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Privacy Statement:

Prior to submitting your Company Code order, please review all your Company Code application documents.  Company codes, including company contact information, are made available to the industry. This contact information may also be sold to customers of NECA who purchase lists of company codes assigned to telecommunications providers.

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Ordering Process:

To order a Company Code, please provide all required documentation, the completed Company Code Request Form and the payment to:

Company Code Administrator
Room S3062
80 South Jefferson Road
Whippany, NJ 07981
Fax: 973-884-8082
Phone: 973-884-8105

Documents may be sent via mail, fax or e-mail.

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If you have any questions, call us at 973-884-8105, fax us at 973-884-8082 or send us an e-mail at

Download: Company Code Request Form