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Ethernet Equipment Service

The Ethernet Equipment Service provided by NECA offers you and your affiliates (i.e., CLEC and/or Internet Service Provider (ISP) subsidiaries) the opportunity for equipment discounts and support in applications such as wireless backhaul, smart grid and Carrier Ethernet. RAD’s product portfolio encompasses extensive support for legacy services combined with an ongoing leadership in defining and producing the standards and capabilities of next generation networks. 

Ethernet over Fiber

Connections must be reliable, effective, and most of all fast. Ethernet over fiber helps to make these connections faster. RAD offers a wide range of Ethernet over Fiber products including their intelligent Ethernet demarcation devices featuring Ethernet OAM and traffic management capabilities. More about RAD's Ethernet over Fiber products

Ethernet over TDM

RAD offers a comprehensive line of Ethernet access products for extension, demarcation and aggregation of Ethernet services over TDM networks. Their Ethernet converters support Ethernet to E1, T1, E3, T3, STM-1, OC-3, STM-4, and OC-12 links. More about RAD's Ethernet over TDM products


TDM Pseudowire Gateways

TDM Pseudowire Gateways are customer premises equipment (CPE) for extending TDM-based services to small and medium-sized businesses over IP, Ethernet and MPLS networks. While maintaining existing legacy telephony equipment, use of these gateways converge voice, fax, modem, and data traffic over IP/Ethernet-based access networks. RAD offers easy to install, compact gateways which eliminate the need for point-to-point, E1/T1, E3/T3 leased lines and are transparent to all signaling protocols. More about Access CPE Units.

Broadband Wireless

RAD’s AXCESS+ portfolio offers extensive support for legacy services with future-proof Ethernet capabilities, which addresses the challenges facing independent telephone operators in migrating to next-generation networks and services. By lowering the number of network elements which need to be maintained and managed, these solutions reduce costs associated with the transformation to IP by simultaneously supporting multiple legacy networks. More about Wireless Multiplexers.


To take advantage of NECA member discounts on the above products, contact Doug Fiumara or call 800.228.8597, ext. 8143.