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August 19, 2019 - REGScan

  • The Wireline Competition Bureau issued a public notice and news release announcing it authorized over $16.2 million in CAF funding for three winning bidders over the next decade to expand broadband to 8,088 unserved rural New York homes and businesses.  
  • Farmers Mutual filed a request for an expedited waiver of the March 1, 2018 filing deadline for certifying broadband locations in the High Cost Universal Broadband system for A-CAM support received in 2019 for locations deployed in 2017.  
  • USTelecom discussed preliminary findings from the Broadband Mapping Consortium Pilot Project that it is leading along with ITTA and WISPA.  
  • HD Tandem asserted the adoption of Prong 1, as currently proposed in the NPRM on access arbitrage, would result in the creation of a new arbitrage platform that is solely available to access originators.  Bandwidth discussed problems it experiences that it says are created by the current intercarrier compensation rules, including access charge avoidance by certain entities on interstate 8YY traffic.

  • The FCC announced Chairman Pai circulated a draft order that would approve, subject to conditions, the proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint.

August 12, 2019- REGScan 

  • The FCC authorized CAF Phase II support for 593 winning bids identified in attachment A of the notice. 
  • NTCA filed comments on a new information collection regarding network performance testing, asserting the time per response estimated in the notice appears to underestimate the actual anticipated burden. ITTA, et al. discussed the July 2018 order on network performance testing, petitions for reconsideration and applications for review of it, and responsive pleadings, and urged the FCC to afford providers flexibility on the random selection of test subjects. 
  • NEIT and WITA discussed their petition for a declaratory ruling on the definition of locations under the A-CAM for home-based businesses, and the WCB’s guidance on A-CAM final deployment obligations.
  • The FCC granted a petition filed by Sunset Digital, a winning bidder in the CAF Phase II auction, for a waiver of a Part 54 rule to allow it to make a major modification to its long-form application. The FCC also granted LTD Broadband’s petition for waiver of the deadline for filing audited financial statements for the CAF Phase II auction.
  • The FCC released the report and order and second FNPRM on establishing a new digital opportunity data collection, which was adopted at the August Open Meeting. Comments are due 30 days after publication in the Federal Register; replies due 45 days after the FR publication.
  • Sandhill Communications discussed the broadband mapping initiative in the report and order and second FNPRM, and said the crowdsourcing proposal may impose additional burdens on rural operators. Public Knowledge also offered suggestions on the FCC’s collection of broadband data. 
  • The FCC announced the filing deadline for Form 477 data as of June 30, 2019, is September 3, 2019.
  • The D.C. Circuit granted in part petitions for review of the order on small cell deployment, vacating the order’s removal of small cells from the FCC’s limited approval authority.
  • The report and order on remand that granted price cap carriers relief from ex ante pricing regulation of their lower speed TDM transport business data services nationwide is effective September 6, 2019.
  • The FCC released the second report and order that amended the Truth in Caller ID rules to implement the anti-spoofing provisions of the RAY BAUM’S Act, which was adopted at its August Open Meeting.
  • RWA and NTCA and WISPA asked the FCC to seek comment on the proposed merger of Sprint and T-Mobile in light of new developments, including bringing Dish Network into the proposed merger and recent commitments in exchange for approving the merger. 
  • The FCC announced AT&T filed a formal complaint against LEC-MI and/or Prime Circuits, alleging they improperly billed AT&T in end office access charges on aggregated 8YY traffic that AT&T paid. 

August 5, 2019 - REGScan

  • The FCC adopted eight items at its August 1, 2019 Open Meeting, including: an NPRM proposing to establish a new Rural Digital Opportunity Fund that would target support to areas that lack 25/3 Mbps broadband service and distribute $20.4 billion in high-cost USF support over 10 years using a two-phase reverse auction; a report and order and second FNPRM establishing a new Digital Opportunity Data Collection to collect geospatial broadband coverage data from fixed providers, adopting a crowdsourcing process on the accuracy of the maps, making targeted changes to the existing Form 477 to reduce filing burdens, and seeking comment on enhancing the new data collection; a report and order overhauling the RHC Program; and a second report and order amending the Truth in Caller ID rules to implement the anti-spoofing provisions of the RAY BAUM’S Act. Some items are not yet released.  
  • Tri-County and NTCA said TCT’s data shows staff and labor hours beyond the estimated time per response for the network testing data collection and reporting requirements.  
  • ITTA discussed its comments filed on the public notice on A-CAM II location adjustments, and said A-CAM support recipients should have flexibility regarding when or if to raise location discrepancy issues. TDS also discussed A-CAM II location adjustments, and said further analysis is necessary to decide on the appropriate remedy in the event of location shortfalls. Reasnor Telephone supported the proposals in the public notice, but suggested added allowances of flexibility for carriers to work with the FCC to ensure location data sources and associated subsidies are correct.  
  • The FCC issued an Order granting two requests in USTelecom’s Petition for Forbearance from UNE analog loop and avoided-cost resale obligations for price cap ILECs.  
  • The FCC seeks comment on NTCA’s Petition for a waiver of the updated minimum service speed standard applicable to fixed wireline broadband internet access service eligible for support under the Lifeline program. Comments are due August 29, 2019; replies are due September 13, 2019.  
  • Comments were filed on CTIA, et al.’s Petition asking the FCC to pause the December 1, 2019 implementation of an increase in the Lifeline minimum required broadband data usage allowance and the phase-down in Lifeline support for voice services. Replies are due August 15, 2019. Public Notice