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August 13, 2018 - REGSCan

  • The FCC published a notice in the Federal Register to announce OMB approval of the revised information collection pursuant to the July 7, 2017 ETC Reporting Streamlining Order, which streamlined the annual reporting requirements for ETCs that receive high-cost USF support.  
  • The FCC placed on circulation items on: the CAF; Universal Service Reform Mobility Fund; Rural Call Completion; and 2018 Regulatory Fees.  
  • TDS Telecom, ITTA, et al. urged the FCC to fully fund separate budgets for the A-CAM program and legacy support mechanisms. GVNW, Home Telephone, et al. discussed the proposal to change the current competitive overlap rules on high-cost USF support for rate-of-return companies.  
  • Grand River Mutual Telephone and JSI discussed Grand River’s Petition for Reconsideration that seeks A-CAM funding for 747 rural locations that were precluded from receiving any support due to an inadvertent clerical error in GRM’s June 2015 FCC Form 477 data.  
  • The FCC issued the 14th Section 706 Broadband Deployment Report Notice of Inquiry to assess the availability of advanced telecommunications capability to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion. The FCC seeks comment on, among other things, maintaining the current speed benchmark of 25/3 for fixed broadband and to what extent fixed and mobile services of similar functionality are substitutes for each other, Comments are due September 10, 2018; replies due September 24, 2018.  
  • The FCC granted a section 214 application for transfer of control of Hospers Telephone to Mutual Telephone.  
  • The FCC seeks to refresh the record in response to the Call Blocking NPRM and NOI on additional criteria voice providers could use to identify and block illegal calls. Comments are due September 24, 2018; replies due October 8, 2018.  
  • The D.C. Circuit Court stayed the FCC’s 2017 Lifeline Order, pending judicial review.

  • The FCC announced Stage 1 funding allocations for qualifying providers from the Uniendo a Puerto Rico Fund and the Connect USVI Fund. Reply comments were filed on the NPRM on how best to structure the second stage of the Uniendo a Puerto Rico Fund and Connect USVI Fund.

August 6, 2018 - REGSCan

  • The FCC adopted six items at its August 2, 2018 Open Meeting, including: a Report and Order that will allow one-touch make-ready for most pole attachments and further reform the pole attachment process, a Declaratory Ruling finding section 253(a) prohibits state and local moratoria on telecommunications facilities deployment; and a Notice of Inquiry on creating a USF pilot program to promote the use of telehealth services among low-income Americans.  
  • The FCC released an updated version of the map of areas presumptively eligible for Mobility Fund Phase II support. The FCC also provided a third update on the MF II challenge process. Chairman Pai said he circulated an Order to extend by 90 days the window to file challenges to the eligibility map for the upcoming Mobility Fund Phase II broadband auction.  
  • The D.C. Circuit Court set the briefing schedule in the appeal of the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. Initial briefs are due August 20, 2018.  
  • The FCC determined Aureon’s cost-based analysis was insufficient to justify its tariffed rate for interstate switched transport services, and directed Aureon to recalculate its interstate switched transport rate and to amend its tariff to reflect the lower of the CLEC benchmark rate or the corrected cost-based rate. The FCC also partially granted Aureon’s Petition for Reconsideration of the Order that granted in part AT&T’s complaint against Aureon for charging AT&T for centralized equal access service on traffic destined for CLECs engaged in access stimulation.  
  • Comments and oppositions were filed on the Petitions for Reconsideration of the Rural Call Completion Order filed by NTCA and USTelecom. Replies are due August 13. FR  
  • Comments are due October 29, 2018, on whether rules adopted in 2005-2006 should be continued without change, amended, or rescinded. Certain rules in Parts 54 and 64 are included in this review.