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November 12, 2018 - REGScan

  • The FCC released the agenda for its November 15, 2018 Open Meeting. It will consider eleven items, including a number of satellite items.  
  • The FCC is circulating items on Connect America Fund and CAF USF Reform – Mobility Fund.  
  • Clarity, Grand River Mutual Telephone, Hamilton County Telephone, and JSI discussed their pending petitions of the March 2018 RoR Order that seek additional A-CAM funding for 5,358 rural locations in their study areas that they claim were prevented from receiving any high cost support due to inadvertent clerical errors and a competitive provider overstating broadband deployment.  
  • Comments are due November 27, 2018, on Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative’s Petition for a waiver of certain Part 51 rules to allow it to recalculate the rate bands and charges for local switching, tandem switching, and dedicated transport services for two study areas it seeks to merge on January 1, 2019. Replies are due December 12, 2018.  
  • O1 and Teliax discussed CenturyLink’s Petition for Forbearance regarding access charges for Over-the-Top VoIP when the provider partners with a LEC to exchange traffic to and from the PSTN.  
  • The Eighth Circuit Court granted the FCC’s request for a stay for one year, until November 12, 2019, of the Court’s decision that vacated provisions in the 2017 BDS Report and Order affecting TDM transport services and remanded them to the FCC for further proceedings.  
  • The Wireline Competition Bureau announced the secure data enclave for highly confidential business data services data filed in the price cap BDS proceeding will reopen for purposes of commenting on the Second FNPRM.  
  • Chairman Pai sent letters to AT&T, Verizon, and other voice providers urging them to adopt a robust call authentication system to combat illegal caller ID spoofing and launch that system no later than next year. The Enforcement Bureau Chief and Chief Technology Officer also sent letters to voice providers that are not participating in traceback efforts, calling on them to assist industry efforts to trace scam robocalls that originate on or pass through their networks.  

November 5, 2018 - REGscan

  • The FCC released a list of 134 applicants in the CAF Phase II auction (Auction 903) that submitted the long-form application portion of FCC Form 683 by the October 15, 2018 deadline.  
  • The FCC provided a sixth update about the Mobility Fund Phase II challenge process.  
  • Comments were filed on proposed approaches to identifying and resolving apparent discrepancies between the number of model-determined funded locations that Phase II auction support recipients are expected to serve and the actual number of locations they can serve. Reply comments are due November 13, 2018. Public Notice   
  • NTCA, ITTA, WTA, and USTelecom discussed how best to address ongoing concerns about the sufficiency and predictability of high-cost USF support, including proposals in their letter filed on October 1, 2018.   
  • USTelecom and Hargray discussed concerns with the sufficiency and predictability of high-cost USF support, including proposals consistent with the association letter. WTA discussed sufficient funding of existing A-CAM and cost-based RoR USF support mechanisms, and broadband build-out obligations, among other things. ITTA suggested the Commission fully fund separate budgets for the A-CAM program and legacy support mechanisms, as well as evaluate sums required for CAF ICC support separate from the budgets for the A-CAM program and legacy mechanisms. Hargray urged the FCC to adopt the proposals set forth in the association letter.  
  • The Small Company Coalition suggested the simplest path to adequate high-cost USF funding is to lift the arbitrary $2 billion HCF cap and to dedicate existing USF contributions to the high-cost program in amounts sufficient to meet expressed demand. It expressed support for the October 1, 2018 association letter containing recommendations to update the high-cost support mechanisms.   
  • Vantage Point Solutions discussed test results of the VPS‐developed Broadband Evaluation Testing and Tracking Instrument and the Commission’s Network Performance Testing Order.  
  • GVNW and ASTAC discussed the comparative broadband speed differential in ASTAC’s Alaska Plan obligations with slide 5 from the CAF Phase II Auction Results presentation made at the September 26, 2018 Open Meeting.  
  • Hargray, Cincinnati Bell, Great Plains, and ITTA suggested the FCC should take only targeted actions to address any arbitrage and abuses associated with 8YY originating access.

  • Comments are due November 26, 2018, on expanding the list of key applications and functionalities for which a carrier must demonstrate interoperability when requesting to discontinue a legacy voice service pursuant to the adequate replacement test. Reply comments are due December 13, 2018.