Western Region

Susan Barrett, Director  

6400 S. Fiddler's Green Circle
Suite 1420
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

1.800.892.3322 (telephone)
1.800.551.1328 (fax)

Member Service

Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado and Wyoming:

Brandon Gardner, Manager – Member Service 
Bradley Welp, Associate Manager – Member Service

Arizona and California:

Mark Roberts, Manager – Member Service 

Oregon, Cascade Utilities, Idaho and Rural/Filer:

Susan Doherty, Manager – Member Service
Gerald Walsh, Associate Manager – Member Service

Washington, Guam, American Samoa and FairPoint:

Melody Crane, Senior Manager – Member Service  

Utah, New Mexico and Direct Communications:

Dan Hintz, Manager – Member Service
Ed Rogan, Associate Manager – Member  Service

Montana, Nevada, TDS and Midvale:

Mark Novy, Manager - Member Service
Holly Adams, Associate Manager - Member Service

Tariffs and Training

Tom Seidl, Manager – Tariffs and Training

Data Management

Nancy Turnbo, Associate Manager – Training and Administration