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Content is like water: NECA launches a responsive web design to make viewing content easier

By Rocky Marcelle, Senior Manager - Web Publishing

We've all experienced pulling up a webpage on our smartphone or tablet and found the content so tiny and unreadable that we're forced to employ our forefinger and thumb to enlarge it. To help combat this problem, we have integrated responsive web design into NECA.org. 

Home pageSomeone coined the phrase Content is like water to perfectly describe responsive web design. Pour water into a container and the water becomes that container. So goes content under responsive web design. NECA.org web pages now conform to the size of your device screen. Google reports mobile traffic accounts for more than half of all internet traffic, so RWD is an extremely important user-friendly feature. 

Our web pages have been altered slightly as part of this redesign process but you won't notice much of a change on your desktop view. In keeping with industry standard best practices for RWD, some style revisions were made (increased font size and spacing, links no longer underlined) and some content was relocated (or placed in submenus) on the desktop view for easier viewing on mobile devices.  

When viewing NECA.org on a smaller device screen, you can access all content using the hamburger menu ( Hamburger menu) in the top left corner. Once you test the waters and get used to the look and feel of RWD mobile device browsing, navigating our web site should flow easily and using the forefinger and thumb method will no longer hold water!

We would appreciate hearing from you if you have any comments about our new responsive web design. Please email us at Web Communications.

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