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NECA files comments in Restoring Internet Freedom docket

NECA filed comments recently on the FCC NPRM proposing to reclassify broadband internet access service as an information service subject to Title I of the Telecommunications Act. Regardless of the classification decision, NECA suggested the Commission reaffirm that rural rate-of-return local exchange carriers will retain the option to offer broadband transmission service as a Title II common carriage service, either on a tariffed or non-tariffed basis.

NECA noted the Commission has dealt with questions regarding proper regulatory classification of BIAS for nearly two decades, and pointed out the differences between the broadband transmission services currently offered by RLECs under tariff and the services at issue in this proceeding. NECA recommends the Commission take great care to assure carriers who currently offer their broadband transmission service on a common carrier basis that they may continue to do so notwithstanding any decision to forbear from the tariff filing requirements of section 203 of the Title II Order.

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