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In Focus: Fall 2017

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

Around this time one year ago, we were presented with choices, decisions and elections, from selecting someone to occupy the highest office in the land to choosing the appropriate path to receive universal service support. As 2018 approaches, decisions have been made and results became effective, but there is still much for us to contemplate and engage in to keep pace with the resulting changes. 

The Washington Report recaps recent activity at the FCC and on the Hill, as the “confirmations, Lifeline and oversight” title indicates. The Commission is finally whole (for now, anyway) and poised for discussions on reauthorization, considerations for Lifeline program reforms and reviewing some media-related items. 

The Commission is taking another look at current policy related to improving rural call completion performance. After it published a data report in June, the Commission released a Second FNPRM that generated comments from many, including a joint filing by the rural associations. We will continue to monitor the progress.  

EXPO 2017 kicks off in a matter of days down in the Lone Star state along the banks of the San Antonio River. I recently reviewed the full list of courses and our EXPO team has assembled one of the most diverse curriculum offerings I’ve seen to date for our annual industry event. I hope you’ll be able to join us (and it’s not too late).

As always, we will keep you current on important telecom activity whenever and wherever it occurs. Hope to see you in Texas and wishing you safe travel.

Senior Editor - Linda Zinner 
Editor - Rocky Marcelle     

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