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NECA.org serves up a new menu

You may have noticed a change at the top of the NECA.org website. We have reconfigured our main menu to make it easier to locate key information. Two new sections, “Regulatory Resources” and “Publications,” contain material and resources that have always been available to you, but now under a slightly different umbrella. 

Helpful hint: if the top menu appears to "wrap" to a second line, try Ctrl + F5. This will clear your cache and should display the top menu on one line.

Access - new top menu

Regulatory resources – here you’ll find NECA filings, the latest news on the federal scene, a regulatory calendar and key resources on industry issues such as call completion, IP transition, and USF and ICC reform.

Publications – your one-stop shop for all NECA publications, including Access, the Guide to Telecom Rules, weekly RegScan and daily Washington Watch newsletters.

All other sections of the website remain unchanged. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the new lineup.   

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