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Washington Report: Congress returns to a full slate

By Bob Deegan, director – Government Relations

Members of Congress have just returned to Washington with the end of the spring recess and both chambers will immediately have to get to work hammering out a budget deal by April 28 to avert a government shutdown, something the GOP is particularly keen on avoiding given its control of the legislature and the White House. Once that is accomplished, Congress and President Trump have made it a priority to tackle tax reform. In fact, Trump just released some details on his proposal, which among other things would cut personal and corporate tax rates. This, of course, is a complex and controversial topic so hopefully it does not take too much air out of the room and prevent progress on an infrastructure package, which is one issue that for the most part has bipartisan support. 

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Washington report: new year, new Congress, new president, new chairman

By Bob Deegan, Director – Government Relations

After the election lull and the lame duck session of Congress, including the stalemate on telecom legislation at the end of 2016 as a result of the dispute over Commissioner Rosenworcel's reconfirmation, it is safe to say a lot has been happening in Washington over the last several weeks.

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Washington Report: the calm before the storm

By Bob Deegan, senior government relations counsel, and Colin Sandy, senior regulatory attorney

As you may have heard, we are in a presidential election year. (Now there's an understatement!)  As a result, Congress is on extended summer recess, returning after Labor Day. While Congressional staff might be enjoying a bit of a breather after a run of telecom activity in the weeks leading up to the break, FCC staff continues to labor through a long, hot DC summer.

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Spectrum, open Internet and FCC process remain hot in 2016

By Bob Deegan, Senior Government Relations Counsel

Issues of major importance to RLECs are certainly high on the agenda for early 2016 (see 2015 comes and goes with many important issues left to resolve). However, the issues likely to attract the most attention in the overall telecom space this year are related to spectrum policy to satisfy the growing desire for more bandwidth for mobile broadband. This will be evident at the FCC, with the broadcast incentive auction scheduled to begin in March, and in Congress as both chambers work on bills in a largely bipartisan effort to implement a practical policy to make more spectrum available.

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