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In Focus: April 2017

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

Although 2017 is only one third complete, it sure feels we've already packed in activity to fill a full 12 months.

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2017 annual access tariff filing incorporates USF Reform Order

By Jennifer Leonard, senior director - Access Tariffs and Costs

The Tariff, Rates, Costs, Average Schedules and Technology group is fully involved in the preparation and filing of NECA's annual access charge tariff in June. In this year's filing, we will continue to address and incorporate the effects of the March 30, 2016 USF Rate-of-Return Reform Order on access rates and universal service support.

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2017 tariff efforts to build on 2016 initiatives

By PJ Louis, Director – Technology Planning & Implementation

Last year proved to be an active one for our interstate access tariff (F.C.C. No.  5), as we added or enhanced several services. Before we review our 2016 offerings, let's look ahead to what we're planning for 2017.

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Lightning fast internet speeds strike this summer

By Barbara Vrahnos, project manager - Access Technology Planning

Summer is typically the peak season for lightning strikes in the United States, but this summer a different kind of lightning will strike. New digital subscriber line speeds recently introduced in our interstate access tariff (F.C.C. No. 5) offer additional lightning fast upload and download speeds. These additional DSL speeds allow you to offer your customers a variety of bandwidth for all types of broadband uses. There is a speed for every need ranging from casual internet browsing to streaming media to video calling.

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In Focus

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

Like me, you may still be trying to wrap your head around what the USF RoR Reform Order will mean for your operations. On one hand, it gives a lot more clarity on what universal support will look like going forward. On the other hand, for many carriers it may mean doing more with less as you invest in and maintain your network.

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2016 tariff efforts to build on 2015 initiatives

Last year was an active one for our interstate access tariff (F.C.C. No. 5) as we added or enhanced several services. We also looked at ways to enhance our Rate Band Buy Down program, which allows members to buy down their rate bands below the NECA-assigned rate band for certain classes of service.

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2015 comes and goes with many important issues left to resolve

By Colin Sandy, Senior Regulatory Attorney

The year 2015 has come and gone with the FCC Chairman's promise to enact universal service support reform for rate-of-return rural local exchange carriers still pending. In some respects, this is not a bad thing. Earlier in 2015 FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler promised to "move forward with rate-of-return reform by year end." However, as the rural associations met frequently to work out the details with FCC staff and NECA responded to numerous FCC requests for data it became clear that an accelerated rulemaking might not be practical.

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