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In Focus: Spring 2018

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

The calendar declares June 21 as the official start of the summer season, but we all know better; it started this week with the Memorial Day holiday. For good things we can’t wait to enjoy, why not start sooner and reap the benefits? More on that later.

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FCC orders yield updates for 2018 annual access tariff filing

By Jennifer Leonard, senior director - Access Tariffs and Costs

Several FCC orders and an Ethernet Transport Service rate realignment project are keeping NECA staff very busy as we prepare our upcoming annual access charge tariff filing.  This year’s filing on June 18 will continue to address and incorporate the effects of recent USF rate-of-return reform orders on access rates and universal service support. 

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NECA EXPO 2018 welcomes everyone to The Crescent City

By Val Kostenko, manager - IR Communications and Methods

EXPO 2018 arrives in the heart of the French Quarter at the New Orleans Marriott on Sunday, November 4, and concludes on Wednesday, November 7. 


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FCC releases USF reform order

By Teresa Evert, senior manager, Regulatory

The FCC issued its long-awaited Report and Order, Third Order on Reconsideration, and NPRM on March 23, 2018, on high-cost USF reform for rate-of-return companies. Here is a summary of important highlights relevant to our members.

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In Focus: April 2017

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

Although 2017 is only one third complete, it sure feels we've already packed in activity to fill a full 12 months.

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NECA EXPO 2017: Making the connection

By Val Kostenko, manager – IR Communications and Methods

Mark your calendar to attend NECA EXPO 2017 at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio on the scenic Riverwalk. Our event begins Sunday, November 5, and continues through Wednesday, November 8. Here is a preview of what is planned so far.

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CAF BLS, CBOL implementation are primary focus at annual conference

By Carol Brennan, vice president - Industry Relations

NECA recently hosted its 14th annual Industry Issues Meeting in South Carolina.  With the USF Rate-of-Return Reform Order now in effect, the primary focus of the meeting was on implementation issues.

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IN Focus: Change is coming. Are you ready?

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

Lots of changes are coming our way. A change of seasons as winter gets closer, a change in administrations as we elect a new president in a couple of weeks, and for our industry a huge change in the way members receive universal service support. 

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Big decisions loom in presidential and universal service elections for rate-of-return carriers

By Teresa Evert, senior manager – Regulatory

November elections are upon us! Not only the presidential election - but also A-CAM elections. (Funny, neither Donald nor Hillary has brought this up.) Unlike the presidential election, the A-CAM elections start a series of deadlines leading up to the anticipated January, 2017 inauguration date of the Commission's new plan for providing USF support to rate-of-return carriers for the deployment of broadband-only services.

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2015 comes and goes with many important issues left to resolve

By Colin Sandy, Senior Regulatory Attorney

The year 2015 has come and gone with the FCC Chairman's promise to enact universal service support reform for rate-of-return rural local exchange carriers still pending. In some respects, this is not a bad thing. Earlier in 2015 FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler promised to "move forward with rate-of-return reform by year end." However, as the rural associations met frequently to work out the details with FCC staff and NECA responded to numerous FCC requests for data it became clear that an accelerated rulemaking might not be practical.

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