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Alphabet soup of telecom associations and task groups

By Barbara Vrahnos, project manager – Access Technology and Planning

It is clear we are in an acronym-driven industry. Many of the industry associations and task groups on which NECA employees participate carry their own unique handle: CIGRR, BIRRDS and LERG are a few of my favorites. Please allow me to familiarize you with this telecom alphabet soup.


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In Focus: April 2017

By Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

Although 2017 is only one third complete, it sure feels we've already packed in activity to fill a full 12 months.

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NECA files comments in support of separations freeze extension

NECA filed comments yesterday on the FCC's FNPRM proposing to extend the current Part 36 freeze of category relationships and jurisdictional cost allocation factors applicable to incumbent local exchange carriers. NECA strongly recommended the current freeze, last extended in 2014, be extended for at least 18 months past the July 1, 2017 expiration, pending a separations rules recommendation from the Federal-State Joint Board on Separations.

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