Company Codes (OCNs)

Company Code assignment

Company Codes are used to uniquely identify telecommunications service providers per industry standard ATIS-0300251, Codes for Identification of Service Providers for Information Exchange. NECA assigns all Company Codes.

Applications of Company Codes include, but are not limited to:

  • NECA F.C.C. Tariff No. 4
  • Assignment of OCNs in LERG™
  • Access Service Requests (ASRs)
  • Multiple Exchange Carrier Access Billing (MECAB)
  • Small Exchange Carrier Access Billing (SECAB)
  • Exchange Message Interface (EMI)
  • Exchange Message Record (EMR)

For instructions on ordering new Company Codes, and a link to our Company Code Request Form, please see our Company Code Request Instructions.

To make an administrative change to an existing Company Code, please contact

Pricing: Effective September 1, 2015
Standard Company Code$375
Express Company Code$500
Administrative fee for updates$ 30

Combined Entity Company Codes  

A CECC allows a merged entity to retain non-surviving codes by using a reference to the record of the surviving or ‘target’ legal entity company name in the Company Code database.

For more information about CECCs, please see the Combined Entity Company Code Request Form.

To learn more, please contact us.

Company Code (OCN) Directory

As maintenance agent for Company Codes, NECA makes a full listing of all company codes available in Excel format. This listing can be ordered on a subscription basis (monthly or quarterly), or on a one-time only basis. 

To order a Company Code Directory, please complete the Company Code Directory Order Form and License Agreement.

To learn more, please  contact us.

ITU Carrier Codes (ICCs)

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Carrier Code (ICC) is a six-character or less alphanumeric code, which is unique within a given country. ICCs identify network operators or service providers (‘operators’) recognized by the national regulatory administration in a specific country. 

NECA maintains the US ICC list. The US ICC list is a subset of the Company Code Directory

The ITU currently maintains a master list of worldwide ICCs. 

National Administration: 
United States Department of State, Washington DC 20520.

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