Tariff 4


Data from NECA’s F.C.C. Tariff No. 4 is available for purchase in either ASCII or MS Access format.

Data for participating carriers includes:

  • Company Codes (OCNs)
  • Location Codes (CLLI™ codes)
  • Vertical and Horizontal Coordinates (V&H)
  • NPA/NXXs
  • LATAs
  • Office Type Codes (Wire Center Capabilities)
  • Billing Percent Agreements (BP)
  • Subtending Wire Center Arrangements

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Tariff 4 Non Member Participation

NECA’s F.C.C. Tariff No. 4 is a database containing participants’ wire center and meet point billing information for the ordering, billing and provisioning of access services. All ILECs and over 200 competitive carriers participate in the tariff.

Tariff 4 is the industry standard reference database for jointly provided access services (meet point or billing percent arrangements).

Why participate? Tariff 4 improves the interstate access ordering and billing process and creates a national reference for your company’s billing percent agreements. Tariff 4 advertises the location(s) and technical functionalities of your network by offering the ability to list over 200 different service offerings and technical capabilities for each of your locations.

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