Digital Literacy

Increasing broadband adoption is vital to the long-term prosperity of our nation in general, and of our members in particular. Perhaps the biggest barrier to adoption is the lack of digital literacy. The FCC reports 66 million Americans are digitally illiterate; that is, they lack the basic skills to operate a computer and access the internet. This represents a potential market for members to tap into to increase take rates and enhance revenues.

If you would like to set up a program in your community to promote digital literacy or want to expand your current program, NECA is here to help.

NECA training curriculum

We have created a digital literacy program, comprised of two main courses:

First Steps covers basic computer usage. Presentation materials are for members only (login required).

Module 1: Computer Systems  Slides | Instructor Notes
Module 2: Computer Desktop  Slides | Instructor Notes
Module 3: Introduction to Computer Utilities    Slides | Instructor Notes
Module 4: Electronic Folders and Files  Slides | Instructor Notes

Internet Access provides basic to advanced internet skills.

Module 1: Internet Overview  Slides | Instructor Notes 
Module 2: Electronic Mail  Slides | Instructor Notes
Module 3: Internet Security and Family Safety   Slides | Instructor Notes

Each course includes detailed instructor notes and is subdivided into smaller modules, providing members the tools necessary to teach customers these skills. 

Important information

All materials are copyrighted by NECA. A member login and password are required to access this curriculum. NECA grants exclusive permission to its members and their community partners to use these resources for non-commercial educational purposes such as developing digital literacy programs for their communities as long as the proper notice of copyright is affixed.

For more information on our training curriculum, contact Bob Gnapp.

Other resources

Visit the websites below for information about digital literacy training and low-cost equipment.

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  • Low-cost computers

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