Telecom Curriculums

We offer three multi-part curriculums: Foundations of Telecommunications, Access Service Requests and Ethernet Transport Services. 

This eight-part curriculum is targeted toward those new to the telecom industry, those whose jobs do not routinely expose them to all topics covered, and those simply wanting a refresher on certain topics.
Who’s Who in Telecommunications - Overview of entities that play a role in the telecommunications industry.
Introduction to Telecommunications Technology (Part 1) - Background on telecommunications technologies of the past and the present.
Introduction to Telecommunications Technology (Part 2)  - Discussion on Internet Protocol and the basics of today’s broadband technologies.
Understanding Jurisdictions - Details on the jurisdictions used to classify telecommunications services, cost recovery and regulatory body oversight.
Basics of Telecommunications Regulation - Overview of telecommunications regulations and regulatory processes.
Intercarrier Compensation - Overview Summary of intercarrier compensation charges, how those charges are developed, which costs they recover and recent changes resulting from regulatory reform.
USF Overview - High level overview of the various federal Universal Service Fund programs. Introduction to NECA
Pooling and Settlement Process - Outlines the pooling process, settlements calculations and benefits of pool participation.
This intermediate to advanced level seven-module curriculum is targeted toward those who provision and/or bill these tariff services, and those simply wanting to learn more about ETS. The course begins with the basics of rate elements and their application and progresses to advanced network scenarios.
ETS Overview and Rate Elements - High-level overview of ETS rate elements and basic examples of how these rates are applied.
ETS Bandwidth Add-on - Details of how to apply the BAO option and pricing examples illustrating how this service is billed.
ETS Discount Plan Options - Detailed description and billing examples for each of the tariffed discount plan options.
ETS Pricing Workshop Examples - Various ETS ordering scenarios and details on how to bill each scenario.
ETS Optional Features and Functions - Descriptions and examples of the optional features and functions available with ETS.
ETS Miscellaneous Services - Information on NECA's Fixed Rate Option Plan 5 and the E-rate Option.
ETS Advanced Network Examples - Details on advanced ETS billing scenarios.
This six-part intermediate to advanced level offering provides detailed information on how to use ASR forms to determine correct billing for ordered tariff services. It may also be useful in the provisioning of those services.
ASR Overview – Covers access service ordering guidelines, standards bodies and ASR form structures.
ASR – Special Access Service – Overview of special access services and the ASR forms and field interpretations needed for the rendering of accurate billing.
ASR – Ethernet Transport Service – Outlines Ethernet Transport Service and the ASR forms and field interpretations needed for the rendering of accurate billing.
ASR – Switched Access service – Reviews switched access services and the ASR forms and field interpretations needed for the rendering of accurate CABS billing.
ASR – Ethernet Switched Access Local Transport Service – Overview of Ethernet Switched Access Local Transport service and the ASR forms and field interpretations needed for the rendering of accurate billing.
ASR - Miscellaneous Charges – Describes miscellaneous billable tariffed services not covered in the first five modules.

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Earn a certificate 

Those who registered for all sessions in a curriculum will be sent a link to the curriculum test. Upon successfully passing this test, NECA will mail you your Certificate of Completion. If you attended all sessions, but did not register for one or more (i.e., someone else registered on your behalf), please contact Nancy Turnbo to request the test link.