Carrier Contact Information

Industry consolidations and employee turnover often make it difficult for members to locate appropriate carrier customer contacts. As an industry resource, NECA staff is often approached for assistance in identifying various contacts at companies throughout the industry.

The following publicly available resources can be used to locate management and/or network operations level contacts for carrier customers that purchase interstate access services.

FCC Carrier Contact Information

All carriers providing any kind of interstate telecommunications services are required under the FCC’s rules to submit to USAC, among other data, mailing and business address information as well as telephone information for customer inquiries and complaints.

By selecting the links from, the reader can conduct a search on a specific carrier or access annual report information.

The data contained in the search engine, are based on information filed every year using the Form 499-A Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet and reflect the most current contact names, telephone numbers, addresses and other information for specific carriers.

Similar information is also compiled and published annually in the FCC’s Telecommunications Provider Locator Report. The report contains “management level” address and telephone number information for each provider and identifies whether the provider offers local, wireless or toll services.

NANPA Numbering Resources/Carrier Identification Codes

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) provides reports on Feature Group B and D Carrier Identification Code (CIC) assignments. NANPA guidelines require CIC holders to file reports with code utilization and updated contact information twice every year in January and July. These reports contain CIC, company name, including contact name (typically a network operations contact), address and phone number information.

By selecting links from, the reader can view FGB or FGD CIC assignment listings.