Rate-of-Return USF Reform Resources

NECA is providing the following links to a number of analytical tools to assist rate-of-return companies in evaluating and understanding the impacts of the FCC’s RoR universal service support reforms, including details of the Alternative Connect America Cost Model support and CAF Broadband Loop Support mechanisms.

Five-year (2019-2023) CAF BLS projections:
worksheet | notes

FCC Operating Expense Limitation:
worksheet | notes | FAQs  

FCC Capital Investment Allowance (FAQs)

(2017 results based on 2015 data):
worksheet | results | notes 

(2018 results based on 2016 data):
worksheet | results | notes 

(2019 preliminary results based on 2017 data):
worksheet | results

FCC data on existing carrier broadband deployment

Carrier broadband deployment obligations: 
CAF-BLS build-out requirements | Comparison of deployment obligations

FCC data on competitive overlaps 

A-CAM support offers with legacy transition payments

January – June 2017 RoR high cost support budget calculations

Key FCC orders and public notices

RoR Reform Order

Public notice announcing the release of rate-of-return study area density data, which will be used in implementing various reforms adopted by the Commission in the Rate-of-Return USF Reform Order. 

Public notice announcing the budget control mechanism for rate-of-return carriers’ high-cost USF support will be implemented September 2016.

ACAM offer public notice | public notice correcting reports to model-based CAF support amounts   

Weighted average broadband deployment for RoR carriers 

Study area deployment for each study area

Tariff Procedures Order

Alaska Plan Order | Alaska erratum

Mandatory deployment obligations for RoR carriers remaining on legacy USF support

Additional information on FCC's USF reform proceeding

USF Reform for RoR Carriers |  USF and ICC Reform

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