Effective Tariff No. 5

Each month, NECA submits a complete tariff to the Federal Communications Commission reflecting all revisions that became effective during the preceding month. NECA's current tariff submission contains all effective tariff material through January 1, 2020. This link will launch a single file containing all 2,000+ pages of the tariff. Bookmarks on the left hand side provide navigation links to assist in locating material contained in the tariff.  Filings that become effective after the first of the month will be included in the next monthly current tariff submission. 

In relation to the FCC's Intercarrier Compensation Reform proceedings, a copy of NECA's complete Tariff No. 5 in effect on December 29, 2011 is also provided as reference.

Questions related to Tariff No. 5? Send your inquiry with your name, company name, email address and contact telephone number to Tariff5@neca.org.

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Recent Tariff No. 5 filings

Unless otherwise noted below for a specific filing, revisions become effective on the date shown.

Transmittal No. 1596   NEW
Carrier Participation Changes
Filed: 01/17/20 Effective: 02/01/20

Transmittal No. 1593  
FUSC Factor Decrease and Carrier Participation Changes
Filed: 12/17/19  Effective: 01/01/20