Washington report: activity amid the shutdown

by Bob Deegan, director - Government Relations
It is now more than one month into the partial government shutdown as Congress and the president remain unable to agree on appropriations for multiple government entities, including the FCC.
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In Focus: Spring 2018

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO
The calendar declares June 21 as the official start of the summer season, but we all know better; it started this week with the Memorial Day holiday. For good things we can’t wait to enjoy, why not start sooner and reap the benefits? More on that later.
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NECA EXPO 2018 welcomes everyone to The Crescent City

by Val Kostenko, manager - IR Communications and Methods
EXPO 2018 arrives in the heart of the French Quarter at the New Orleans Marriott on Sunday, November 4, and concludes on Wednesday, November 7.
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Washington Report: infrastructure and net neutrality

by Bob Deegan, director – Government Relations
Washington has been abuzz with a looming infrastructure plan, broadband funding issues and, as you may have guessed, net neutrality.
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In Focus: Winter 2018

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO
As I write this, the state of our union was addressed recently. I can report with confidence that NECA remains committed fully to helping our members provide to their customers cost effective and superior service. With USF orders that appear favorable to our members currently circulating at the FCC, we will be wholly prepared to assist members with implementation efforts upon release. Our annual tariff election has begun and it is because of this confidence I recommend strongly your continued participation in our tariffs and pools.
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