Coming together to keep America connected

by Bob Gnapp, director – Member Training and Network Analysis
Life in America, and indeed the entire world, has been substantially changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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In Focus: Fall 2017

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO
Around this time one year ago, we were presented with choices, decisions and elections, from selecting someone to occupy the highest office in the land to choosing the appropriate path to receive universal service support. As 2018 approaches, decisions have been made and results became effective, but there is still much for us to contemplate and engage in to keep pace with the resulting changes.
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Washington Report: confirmations, Lifeline and oversight

by Bob Deegan, director – Government Relations
The FCC and the Hill have been busy recently with commission confirmations, Lifeline discussions and efforts to reauthorize the Commission.
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Washington Report: the calm before the storm

by Bob Deegan, senior government relations counsel, and Colin Sandy, senior regulatory attorney
As you may have heard, we are in a presidential election year. (Now there's an understatement!)  As a result, Congress is on extended summer recess, returning after Labor Day. While Congressional staff might be enjoying a bit of a breather after a run of telecom activity in the weeks leading up to the break, FCC staff continues to labor through a long, hot DC summer.
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Lifeline order sets new standards for supported broadband, strengthens verification process

by Colin Sandy, Senior Regulatory Attorney
Lifeline is an important component of the Universal Service Fund. It provides support to low-income households to make telephone service more affordable. As broadband has become a more essential method of communication, the FCC decided it is good policy to support not only traditional voice, but broadband connectivity as well.
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