2017 tariff efforts to build on 2016 initiatives

by PJ Louis, Director – Technology Planning & Implementation

Last year proved to be an active one for our interstate access tariff (F.C.C. No.  5), as we added or enhanced several services. Before we review our 2016 offerings, let's look ahead to what we're planning for 2017.  

Proposed key initiatives include:

  • Modifying the existing Ethernet Transport Service Term Discount Plan to allow for multiple term discounts rather than a single discount plan.
  • Introducing a 100 Gbps ETS speed. As members migrate to higher speeds their affiliates need capacity to handle higher DSL speeds.
  • Adding an ETS bandwidth add-on option on speeds of 1 Gbps and higher. We are considering 1 Gbps increments or higher above 1 Gbps. This will enhance flexibility.
  • Adding ETS bursting capability to allow a customer to temporarily increase bandwidth to a higher level.  
  • Adding an additional discount term commitment period of seven years. 

The above list represents a set of forward-looking initiatives that will facilitate our members' ability to serve their customers. The list is subject to change over the course of the year as we gather input from you.

2016 offerings respond to member needs

In 2016, we continued to align our interstate access tariff with market realities by increasing tariff flexibility. Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • Introduced an ETS E-rate option offering.
  • Clarified tariff language to clearly reflect the use of MM-VCC's to increase DSL bandwidth. 
  • Provided the ability to trial higher DSL speeds for 90 days.
  • Added four new SDSL voice-data and data-only speed options: 50/50 Mbps; 200/200 Mbps; 500/500 Mbps; and 1/1 Gbps.  
  • Added five new ADSL voice-data and data-only speed options: 1/10 Mbps; 3/25 Mbps; 100/200 Mbps; 100/500 Mbps; and 100 Mbps/1 Gbps. 
  • Performed a DSL rate realignment to account for the new ADSL and SDSL speed options.

The here and now

Although there are challenges associated with tariff initiatives, many can be overcome with accurate and reliable cost and demand data from our members.

We are prepared to assist you with new reporting requirements and mandatory filings. Our focus remains on evolving our tariff to ensure you can provide relevant services as technology advances and we are committed to helping you participate in flexible pricing strategies and arrangements while receiving the benefits of pooling.

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