In Focus

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

When is the last time you thought about the value of being a NECA member? For some it may be monthly when your settlement check arrives, accurate and timely as it has been for all of NECA's 33 years. Or it may be ongoing, as NECA continually implements complex FCC rules changes, including pending revisions to high cost and broadband funding, with as little administrative burden to you as possible. For many members, it's each time you call your NECA member service manager. You know you'll get a prompt, accurate response from our expert staff.

Why take on the added burden - both in time and expense - of filing your own tariff, interfacing with the FCC, and ensuring you're in regulatory compliance, when you can have NECA's subject matter experts working for you? Our tariff is continually evolving to help you deal with the many challenges you're facing. We employ innovative solutions to address the changing marketplace. For example, our Rate Band Buy Down option gives you even more flexibility by allowing you to charge rates using a lower rate band than the one initially assigned, provided the rates are above your company's direct cost. So you can reduce rates while still enjoying all the benefits of tariff participation. You can be more competitive in response to requests for proposal, as well as expand deployment of and demand for broadband services.

For more on the benefits of NECA membership and pool participation, see NECA tariffs and pools: where membership has its rewards .

NECA's expert staff is dedicated to providing you the outstanding member service and communications you expect as we navigate the transitions facing the industry. By helping you adapt to the new regulatory landscape, you can continue to deliver the vital communications services needed to keep your customers connected.

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