In Focus: April 2017

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

Although 2017 is only one third complete, it sure feels we've already packed in activity to fill a full 12 months. As busy as the FCC has been keeping us with continuing to implement the voluminous USF RoR Reform Order and its multiple facets, we remain active and involved with industry issues of all sorts. Our subject matter experts have been reporting on much of this activity and if you haven't already read their accounts, I invite you to click on the articles contained within for more detail: 

  • Verizon held its second rural call completion workshop in Washington recently. Read the complete account of their current efforts to combat the ongoing issues and the findings of several analytical studies.

  • The latest separations freeze period will end in two months. We filed comments to ensure the FCC is aware of the implications of failing to extend the freeze, and how the effects of separations reform may influence our members' ability to adapt and conform.

  • While the tax professionals (and taxpayers) are taking a deep, well-deserved breath after tax filing season ended on April 18, NECA staff involved in the annual access tariff filing are looking forward to June 16 when we will submit our filing.

  • The D.C. cherry blossoms peaked several weeks ago, but there is no peaking with telecom news out of our nation's capital.

  • It's never too early to plan so here is a preview of our upcoming EXPO 2017.

In the coming months, we will keep you up to date on our activities on your behalf, including a post July 1 access tariff filing update and more details about EXPO this fall. Considering the pace of activity so far, EXPO in San Antonio will arrive before we've had a chance to catch another collective breath.  

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