In Focus: July 2017

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

We have turned the corner on an extremely active first half of 2017. Considering the very engaging FCC Open Meetings with close to double-digit agenda items, and the process of Commission nominations to fill open slots, it appears the accelerated pace will continue. All that recent activity is captured in the Washington Report.

Our staff has been busy as well. 

  • We filed comments on the Restoring Internet Freedom docket. Our suggestion, regardless of the outcome of this net neutrality proceeding, is to maintain the rural rate-of-return local exchange carriers’ option to offer broadband transmission service as a Title II common carriage service, tariffed or not. 

  • A diverse group of our employees are involved in several industry associations and task groups, as described in this “alphabet soup” article.

  • At the same time, we are striving continuously to reduce your workload when we ask for data that is critical to our ability to provide you with the most accurate and effective tariff services.

  • If it’s summer, then an EXPO preview is in order. Our team is right in the thick of preparing another array of courses and discussions relevant to the dynamic state of our industry. I hope to see many of you down along the river in beautiful San Antonio in early November.

Please take time to enjoy the summer season. We will continue to keep you apprised of important telecom activity in Washington, D.C., at NECA and across the U.S.


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