In Focus: Spring 2018

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO

The calendar declares June 21 as the official start of the summer season, but we all know better; it started this week with the Memorial Day holiday. For good things we can’t wait to enjoy, why not start sooner and reap the benefits? More on that later.

This edition of Access covers a wide range of telecom activities, from reform to tariff filing to New Orleans. Our summary of the March USF Reform Order breaks down the R&O, Third Order on Reconsideration and NPRM, and succinctly covers those points salient to our members.

The reliable Washington Report delves into the call completion legislation and the successful efforts of RLECs and the rural associations, privacy issues and a new broadband loan and grant pilot program.

RBBD is an acronym seen and heard frequently. The benefits of the rate band buy down process are plentiful. Our headquarters experts and member service teams can help to navigate the many options.

Warm weather equates to annual tariff filing time so please familiarize yourself with the details of this year’s filing. The warm feeling will continue right into fall as EXPO 2018 happens in beautiful New Orleans. This is our first event in the Big Easy and with a shoutout to a legendary Cajun chef, “J’vous garantis” (or plainly speaking “I gha-rawn-tee”) if you can join us, you’ll be rewarded with an educational and comprehensive telecom experience.

As I mentioned above, good things should arrive sooner than later. This edition of the quarterly Access newsletter marks the final time you’ll receive an email collection of recent articles. You have always been able to read current articles on our website and beginning with the next published Access article and all that follow, you’ll receive an end-of-week email alert with links to all articles published that week. If you prefer, you can opt to receive an email alert each time a new article is published. Either way, we think the timeliness of receiving articles directly upon publication will be most beneficial and keep you current.

My best wishes for an enjoyable start to your summer and I will be in touch again soon.

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