Lightning fast internet speeds strike this summer

by Barbara Vrahnos, project manager - Access Technology Planning

Summer is typically the peak season for lightning strikes in the United States, but this summer a different kind of lightning will strike. New digital subscriber line speeds recently introduced in our interstate access tariff (F.C.C. No. 5) offer additional lightning fast upload and download speeds. These additional DSL speeds allow you to offer your customers a variety of bandwidth for all types of broadband uses. There is a speed for every need ranging from casual internet browsing to streaming media to video calling. The new tariff offering introduces five new Asymmetric DSL Voice-Data and Data-Only speed options of 1/10 Mbps, 3/25 Mbps, 100/200 Mbps, 100/500 Mbps and 100/1000 Mbps. Also offered are four new Symmetric DSL Voice-Data and Data-Only speed options of 50 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1000 Mbps.

The 1 Gbps speed option works for those who cannot take advantage of the Ethernet Transport Service MultiMedia Virtual Circuit Channel. The ADSL 1/10 Mbps and 3/25 Mbps speed options meet the FCC benchmark speed options and enable you to offer services that allow you to better monetize and make full use of your network.

All new speed options are available at monthly retail and DSL Wholesale Pricing Plan rates with WPP Term Plan Volume Pricing Plan discounts also available.

This new offering was filed with the FCC on July 21 and is scheduled to become effective on August 5.

Ethernet Transport Service E-rate option helps Texas member company

A first of its kind interstate access tariff offering was recently filed introducing an Ethernet Transport Service E-rate Option for Big Bend Telephone Company in Alpine, Texas. This filing enabled Big Bend to offer any E-rate eligible entity − a school, library or consortia in its service territory − lower stabilized rates for Ethernet Transport Service for the E-rate term plan year. The offering is available on all Ethernet Transport Service elements, speeds and optional features as listed in Tariff No. 5. To be eligible to subscribe to the offering, the E-rate eligible entity must have a valid FCC Form 470 posted on the Universal Service Administrative Company's website requesting Category One internet and/or telecommunications services for the E-rate plan year, which can be served using Ethernet Transport Service.

This filing broke new ground for NECA members because it was designed as a custom tariff offering. The concept of setting rates for a large customer group was first introduced in an Access article in spring 2015.  Back then we talked about tailoring tariff options to customer requirements and the necessity of satisfying specific member customer needs with innovative pricing strategies.  The Ethernet Transport Service E-rate Option is designed to do just that, while at the same time helping support the FCC's stated policy goals of expanding broadband adoption by E-rate eligible schools and libraries served by rural rate-of-return carriers. Rusty Moore, Big Bend Telephone Company's GM and COO said the ETS E-rate Option helped his company to provide its E-rate eligible customers the services they need at competitive rates. 

NECA is exploring the possibility of expanding the Ethernet Transport Service E-rate Option to other members in the next Schools and Libraries funding year through either other individual member company offerings and/or on a general pool-wide basis. If you are interested in competitive pricing to serve E-rate eligible entities, please contact Barbara Vrahnos at 800-228-8597, extension 8487, or

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