NECA publishes list of rural CLEC OCNs

by Bob Deegan, director – Government Relations

NECA has published a newly developed list of rural CLEC OCNs for use in efforts to help combat rural call completion problems. This list is the result of the FCC’s directions in its April 17 Second Report and Order and Third FNPRM on rural call completion

To help covered providers in their duty to complete all calls and monitor the performance of intermediate providers, the Commission directed NECA to create and publish a list of rural CLEC OCNs to go alongside the existing lists of ILEC rural and non-rural OCNs. Further, the FCC notes requiring covered providers to monitor the rural CLEC OCNs on this list as “valuable to promote greater call completion to the customers of rural [C]LECs.” 

To create the initial list, NECA used the definition of a rural CLEC in 47 C.F.R. § 61.26. However, the Commission has recognized the creation of a comprehensive list may be difficult and has encouraged rural CLECs to identify their OCNs to NECA for use in preparation of this list. CLECs can self-report as rural by sending their OCN information to NECA ( and will be included in a subsection of the list.

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