Witness an Industry in Motion in Vegas at EXPO 2016

by Val Kostenko, manager - IR Communications & Methods
The opportunity still remains for you to join your NECA and industry colleagues in Las Vegas November 13-17 for EXPO 2016. This year, the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is the backdrop for this longstanding annual event. Please visit our EXPO page  for complete class descriptions, registration information, exhibit/sponsorship opportunities and details on accommodations and activities.
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IN Focus: Change is coming. Are you ready?

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO
Lots of changes are coming our way. A change of seasons as winter gets closer, a change in administrations as we elect a new president in a couple of weeks, and for our industry a huge change in the way members receive universal service support.
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Washington Report: a flurry of telecom activity before election recess

by Bob Deegan, director - Government Relations
After a few weeks back in D.C. and a surprising amount of telecom activity, Congress is once again on recess until November 13 for a brief lame duck session, during which it will be tight on time to hammer out a new Appropriations bill to fund the government for the 2017 fiscal year.  While the presidential race is receiving the bulk of the attention in Washington these days, there hasn't been too much revealed about the candidates' tech platforms to date other than we can expect a continued focus on universal broadband deployment in a potential Clinton administration.
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Big decisions loom in presidential and universal service elections for rate-of-return carriers

by Teresa Evert, senior manager – Regulatory
November elections are upon us! Not only the presidential election - but also A-CAM elections. (Funny, neither Donald nor Hillary has brought this up.) Unlike the presidential election, the A-CAM elections start a series of deadlines leading up to the anticipated January, 2017 inauguration date of the Commission's new plan for providing USF support to rate-of-return carriers for the deployment of broadband-only services.
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