Washington Report: Congress returns to a full slate

by Bob Deegan, director – Government Relations
Members of Congress have just returned to Washington with the end of the spring recess and both chambers will immediately have to get to work hammering out a budget deal by April 28 to avert a government shutdown, something the GOP is particularly keen on avoiding given its control of the legislature and the White House. Once that is accomplished, Congress and President Trump have made it a priority to tackle tax reform. In fact, Trump just released some details on his proposal, which among other things would cut personal and corporate tax rates. This, of course, is a complex and controversial topic so hopefully it does not take too much air out of the room and prevent progress on an infrastructure package, which is one issue that for the most part has bipartisan support.
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CAF BLS, CBOL implementation are primary focus at annual conference

by Carol Brennan, vice president - Industry Relations
NECA recently hosted its 14 th annual Industry Issues Meeting in South Carolina.  With the USF Rate-of-Return Reform Order now in effect, the primary focus of the meeting was on implementation issues.
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NECA EXPO 2017: Making the connection

by Val Kostenko, manager – IR Communications and Methods
Mark your calendar to attend  NECA EXPO 2017  at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio on the scenic Riverwalk. Our event begins Sunday, November 5, and continues through Wednesday, November 8. Here is a preview of what is planned so far.
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NECA files comments in support of separations freeze extension

NECA filed comments yesterday on the FCC's FNPRM proposing to extend the current Part 36 freeze of category relationships and jurisdictional cost allocation factors applicable to incumbent local exchange carriers. NECA strongly recommended the current freeze, last extended in 2014, be extended for at least 18 months past the July 1, 2017 expiration, pending a separations rules recommendation from the Federal-State Joint Board on Separations.
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Verizon rural call completion workshop focuses on analysis

by Bob Gnapp, director - Member Training and Network Analysis
Held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Verizon hosted its second rural call completion workshop. Both workshops were conducted as part of their agreement under a Consent Decree with the FCC. Unlike the April 2015 workshop, which focused on the causes of rural call completion failures and ways to mitigate them, this workshop centered on Verizon's analysis of calling records and performance metrics to detect failures.
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2017 annual access tariff filing incorporates USF Reform Order

by Jennifer Leonard, senior director - Access Tariffs and Costs
The Tariff, Rates, Costs, Average Schedules and Technology group is fully involved in the preparation and filing of NECA's annual access charge tariff in June. In this year's filing, we will continue to address and incorporate the effects of the March 30, 2016 USF Rate-of-Return Reform Order on access rates and universal service support.
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In Focus: April 2017

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO
Although 2017 is only one third complete, it sure feels we've already packed in activity to fill a full 12 months.
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