Washington Report: broadband, nominations and oversight

by Bob Deegan, director – Government Relations
Things have been picking up on the telecom front on Capitol Hill recently. This is probably for a variety of reasons, including: industry pressure and national press attention on issues such as rural broadband and net neutrality; speculation over a possible infrastructure package that may include funding for broadband; President Donald Trump’s nominations to the FCC, including the renomination of Jessica Rosenworcel, which removed some legislative roadblocks; and actions taken by the FCC on hot topics like net neutrality.
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Make the connection at NECA EXPO 2017

by Val Kostenko, manager – IR Communications and Methods
NECA  EXPO 2017  arrives at a time when our industry is abuzz with reform and change. It is a perfect venue to address, instruct and discuss the many facets of telecom that we have been facing for over a year. We have loaded our annual event ( November 5-8 in San Antonio )  curriculum  with classes, panels and general discussions to assist our attendees in keeping abreast of the current requirements, address topics of importance to both ACAM and traditional rate-of-return companies, and cover other regulatory activity that has developed over the past year.
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Alphabet soup of telecom associations and task groups

by Barbara Vrahnos, project manager – Access Technology and Planning
It is clear we are in an acronym-driven industry. Many of the industry associations and task groups on which NECA employees participate carry their own unique handle: CIGRR, BIRRDS and LERG are a few of my favorites. Please allow me to familiarize you with this telecom alphabet soup.
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NECA files comments in Restoring Internet Freedom docket

NECA filed  comments  recently on the FCC NPRM proposing to reclassify broadband internet access service as an information service subject to Title I of the Telecommunications Act. Regardless of the classification decision, NECA suggested the Commission reaffirm that rural rate-of-return local exchange carriers will retain the option to offer broadband transmission service as a Title II common carriage service, either on a tariffed or non-tariffed basis.
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Effort reduces data reporting burden on members

by Tanja Curovic, senior director – Rates, Average Schedules and Advanced Analytics, and PJ Louis, director – Technology Planning & Implementation
Working with our members to provide effective tariff services and remain compliant with FCC regulations requires a great deal of current information. Among the key functions this data supports are: setting rates for the annual tariff filing, including determining Access Recovery Charges and CAF ICC Support; calculating demand for other NECA tariff services; and understanding the access services and technologies member companies are deploying to meet customer needs. We recognized we needed to do our part to reduce members' workload and the challenges associated with reporting this data. We formed a work group to identify areas where we could either eliminate or reduce the amount of data requested.
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In Focus: July 2017

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO
We have turned the corner on an extremely active first half of 2017. Considering the very engaging FCC Open Meetings with close to double-digit agenda items, and the process of Commission nominations to fill open slots, it appears the accelerated pace will continue. All that recent activity is captured in the  Washington Report .
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