NECA EXPO 2018 welcomes everyone to The Crescent City

by Val Kostenko, manager - IR Communications and Methods
EXPO 2018 arrives in the heart of the French Quarter at the New Orleans Marriott on Sunday, November 4, and concludes on Wednesday, November 7.
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Rate band buy down options help members stay competitive

by Joe Prinzivalli, senior manager – Rate Development and Quantitative Analysis
Over the past few years, we have introduced tools to give members more flexibility to keep rates competitive in their markets. Rate banding, which was applied to special access rates starting in 2006, allows us to set a company’s rates closer to its costs.
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In Focus: Spring 2018

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO
The calendar declares June 21 as the official start of the summer season, but we all know better; it started this week with the Memorial Day holiday. For good things we can’t wait to enjoy, why not start sooner and reap the benefits? More on that later.
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FCC orders yield updates for 2018 annual access tariff filing

by Jennifer Leonard, senior director - Access Tariffs and Costs
Several FCC orders and an Ethernet Transport Service rate realignment project are keeping NECA staff very busy as we prepare our upcoming annual access charge tariff filing.  This year’s filing on June 18 will continue to address and incorporate the effects of recent USF rate-of-return reform orders on access rates and universal service support.
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Washington Report: privacy, budgeting and change at the Commission

by Bob Deegan, director – Government Relations
The Washington tech and telecom world is still caught up in the Facebook frenzy that led up to and followed CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony a few weeks back. Not surprisingly, this has ignited significant interest in privacy issues, which will be important to follow moving forward. Of particular interest will be to see if Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-Tenn.) BROWSER Act, which would apply privacy rules to both ISPs as well as edge providers such as Amazon, Facebook and Google, starts to gain traction after sitting in limbo for months.
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