Regulatory Resources 

NECA maintains an office in Washington, D.C., to represent NECA and its members with government officials, regulators and other telecom industry representatives. Much of our work involves interacting with the Federal Communications Commission and other government agencies responsible for telecommunications policy, including the Rural Utilities Service and the National Telecommunications Information Administration. We also work with staff at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners to recognize the role of state commissions in the comprehensive regulatory process. Some of these efforts are made in conjunction with national telecom associations with whom we partner to form a unified voice on behalf of our rural members.

In addition, NECA’s Government Relations staff monitors events and activities at the FCC, on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in Washington that could affect our members. You can view the latest information on these pages:

Broadband / IP Transition - As broadband internet access services have become a necessity of daily life, the public switched telephone network has been evolving to an IP network. 

Call Completion - Problems threaten the availability of reliable telephone service to consumers, businesses and public health and safety officials in rural America.

The Federal Scene - There is a lot going on in Washington that's telecom related, but all the action isn't at the FCC. Keep up with how Congress, the White House and other agency actions affect our industry.

USF and ICC Reform - Rural telcos face critical issues as the FCC reforms mechanisms to support broadband internet access and voice services.