Broadband / IP Transition

As broadband internet access services have become a necessity of daily life, the public switched telephone network has been evolving to an IP network to support the higher speeds and capacity demanded by broadband consumers. NECA believes the industry and policy-makers need to promote and sustain this transition in a manner consistent with the core statutory objectives of protecting consumers, promoting competition and ensuring universal service, as well as review regulations in measured steps.

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Washington, D.C. activity

09.10.19 - FCC releases broadband Form 477 data | public notice

09.06.19 - WCB posts TRPs for exogenous cost filings by RoR carriers electing BDS incentive regulation | public notice

08.22.19 - FCC files brief in court review of pole attachment order | brief

08.22.19 - Order on new Digital Opportunity Data Collection effective September 23, FNPRM comment due dates set | Order FR notice |  FNPRM FR notice

08.21.19 - NTIA to hold broadband workshop on September 27 | FR notice

07.15.19 - WCB proposes to release list of price cap wire centers with nearby fiber | public notice

06.20.19 - BDS secure data enclave to close June 30 | public notice

06.13.19 - FCC announces RoR carriers electing incentive regulation for BDS | public notice

05.29.19 - FCC issues 2019 Broadband Deployment Report | news release | report

05.14.19 - Reply comments on BDS, forbearance public notice due May 28 | public notice

05.02.19 - Technological Advisory Council charter renewed | FR notice

05.01.19 - WCB opens rural digital opportunity fund proceeding | public notice

04.25.19 - Comments on BDS data for USTelecom forbearance petition due May 9 | FR notice

04.15.19 - WCB seeks additional comments on BDS, USTelecom forbearance proceedings | public notice

03.20.19 - WCB announces closure of BDS secure data enclave | public notice

02.21.19 - WCB announces extension of access to BDS secure data enclave | public notice

02.15.19 - BDAC charter renewed for two years | FR notice

02.14.19 - WCB extends time to act on USTelecom forbearance petition | order 

02.13.19 - American Broadband Initiative Report released | announcement |  report

02.07.19 - OMB approves pole attachment complaint information collection | FR notice

02.07.19 - Oppositions due February 22 on petition for reconsideration of Wireless Infrastructure Order | FR notice