Common FCC Regulatory Proceedings

The Federal Communications Commission has assembled this list of common FCC regulatory proceedings.

Public Notice (PN): A PN is issued by the Commission or by one of its Bureaus and Offices to notify the public of an action taken or of the occurrence of an event, or to seek public comment on a matter the Commission is considering.

Notice of Inquiry (NOI): An NOI is the Commission’s primary tool for gathering facts. It is a request for information from the public on a broad topic or a means of generating ideas on a specific topic. An NOI is often the first step in the rulemaking process. 

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM): The FCC issues an NPRM when there is a specific change proposed to the rules. Once the public has commented on the proposal, FCC staff prepares a recommendation for the Commissioners to vote on. 

Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM): A FNPRM is issued by the Commission to seek further comment from the public when new issues arise in a proceeding after an NPRM has been issued, or the Commission desires additional public comment on issues raised in an NPRM. 

Order: An order is a decision of the Commission or one of its Bureaus and Offices. 

Report and Order (R&O): A R&O is a decision issued by the Commission to conclude a rulemaking proceeding. R&Os may adopt new rules, amend existing rules, or announce that rules will remain unchanged. 

Source: FCC