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April updates

04.13.17 – The U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy  urged the FCC to delay consideration of the draft BDS order that is on the April FCC Open Meeting Agenda. 

04.11.17 – 56 senators sent a  letterto Chairman Pai and Commissioners O'Rielly and Clyburn to encourage the FCC to consider changes to the high-cost USF mechanisms to make affordable broadband available to Americans in high-cost rural areas.

04.07.17 – 50 House members sent Chairman Pai a letterurging the FCC to ensure that ISPs protect consumer privacy in a manner similar to the FTC privacy policies until the FCC is able to address concerns about the reclassification of broadband as a Title II service. | Press Release

04.06.17 – A number of Democratic senators introduced legislation on April 6, 2017, to reinstate the FCC rules that require internet service providers to obtain consent before sharing their subscribers’ sensitive information and adopt reasonable data security protections. |  Press release

04.03.17 – President Donald Trump signed a bill that revoked the FCC’s 2016 ISP Privacy Order pursuant to the Congressional Review Act. 

News clips

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04.03.17  Trump signs web privacy rollback that Democrats say is anti-consumer (Bloomberg)