The Federal Scene 

October updates

10.04.18 - The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing entitled “Broadband: Opportunities and Challenges in Rural America” in which the Committee assessed the progress of broadband deployment in rural America and explored ways in which closing the digital divide will benefit American jobs and the economy.

10.03.18 - The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held a hearing entitled “GAO Reports Relating to Broadband Internet Availability on Tribal Lands.”  

News clips

10.26.18 California won't enforce net neutrality law as DOJ halts lawsuit (The Hill) 
10.26.18 Cities challenge FCC over 5G rollout (The Hill) 
10.25.18 White House orders Commerce to develop 5G strategy (The Hill) 
10.04.18  Lawmakers worry about cuts to rural broadband program (The Hill) 
10.03.18  Trump DOJ picks new fight over net neutrality (The Hill) 
10.01.18  FCC chair cheers on DOJ lawsuit against Calif. net neutrality law (The Hill)