2017 Filings   

Prior years' filings

12/21/17 2018 Modification of Average Schedule Formulas 
10/12/17 Quarterly USF data submission 
08/30/17 2018 Modification of AS USF Support Formula 
08/15/17 Reply Comments on Great Plain's petition for waiver
07/17/17 Open Internet comments 
06/30/17 Redacted annual rate floor data filing 
05/30/17 Ex parte discussing exempting certain standalone broadband connections from ARC imputation requirement
05/11/17 Letter clarifying 2017 Further Modification of Average Schedules
05/03/17 2017 Further Modification of Average Schedules
04/17/17 Comments on proposed separations freeze
04/13/17 Quarterly USF data submission 
02/24/17 Supplemental data filing - redacted 
02/03/17Ex parte discussing  cost allocation methods for assigning broadband-only loop investment and expenses in existing Parts 36 and 69 rules 
02/02/17Letter requesting new protective order in SIC USF over payment proceeding