Coming together to keep America connected

by Bob Gnapp, director – Member Training and Network Analysis
Life in America, and indeed the entire world, has been substantially changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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A new look with new features

It happens occasionally. You begin your day by pulling up a familiar website and...boom, something has changed.
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You may have noticed a change at the top of the website. We have reconfigured our main menu to make it easier to locate key information. Two new sections, “Regulatory Resources” and “Publications,” contain material and resources that have always been available to you, but now under a slightly different umbrella.
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NECA files comments in Restoring Internet Freedom docket

NECA filed  comments  recently on the FCC NPRM proposing to reclassify broadband internet access service as an information service subject to Title I of the Telecommunications Act. Regardless of the classification decision, NECA suggested the Commission reaffirm that rural rate-of-return local exchange carriers will retain the option to offer broadband transmission service as a Title II common carriage service, either on a tariffed or non-tariffed basis.
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Alphabet soup of telecom associations and task groups

by Barbara Vrahnos, project manager – Access Technology and Planning
It is clear we are in an acronym-driven industry. Many of the industry associations and task groups on which NECA employees participate carry their own unique handle: CIGRR, BIRRDS and LERG are a few of my favorites. Please allow me to familiarize you with this telecom alphabet soup.
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