Service pricing tool designed for convenience and speed

by Barbara Vrahnos, project manager - Access Technology Planning
Time is a precious commodity and possessing an effective method to complete tasks accurately and faster is essential to good business.
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RLECs equate broadband growth to streaming media demand

by Barbara Vrahnos, project manager - Access Technology Planning
Our informal discussions over the past several months with rural local exchange carriers indicate there are increases in the amount and changes in the type of broadband traffic traversing their networks.
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A look back and forward for access services

by Barbara Vrahnos, project manager - Access Technology Planning
The new year offers each of us a chance to reflect on what we have accomplished in the past 12 months and plan what we want to accomplish next. NECA staff is no different when it comes to strategizing for new tariff offerings and changes to existing offerings.
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In Focus: Spring 2018

by Bill Hegmann, President and CEO
The calendar declares June 21 as the official start of the summer season, but we all know better; it started this week with the Memorial Day holiday. For good things we can’t wait to enjoy, why not start sooner and reap the benefits? More on that later.
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Washington Report: privacy, budgeting and change at the Commission

by Bob Deegan, director – Government Relations
The Washington tech and telecom world is still caught up in the Facebook frenzy that led up to and followed CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony a few weeks back. Not surprisingly, this has ignited significant interest in privacy issues, which will be important to follow moving forward. Of particular interest will be to see if Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-Tenn.) BROWSER Act, which would apply privacy rules to both ISPs as well as edge providers such as Amazon, Facebook and Google, starts to gain traction after sitting in limbo for months.
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Alphabet soup of telecom associations and task groups

by Barbara Vrahnos, project manager – Access Technology and Planning
It is clear we are in an acronym-driven industry. Many of the industry associations and task groups on which NECA employees participate carry their own unique handle: CIGRR, BIRRDS and LERG are a few of my favorites. Please allow me to familiarize you with this telecom alphabet soup.
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Content is like water: NECA launches a responsive web design to make viewing content easier

by Rocky Marcelle, Senior Manager - Web Publishing
We've all experienced pulling up a webpage on our smartphone or tablet and found the content so tiny and unreadable that we're forced to employ our forefinger and thumb to enlarge it. To help combat this problem, we have integrated responsive web design into
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How much broadband speed is enough? Depends on what you want it for

by Doug Laws, Project Manager – Technical Planning & Implementation
There is much talk about broadband speeds these days from the FCC and service providers, and inside NECA. With its recent USF Reform Order the FCC now requires broadband providers to offer 4 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream (4/1), 10/1, or 25/3 for their customers, depending on several factors.
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